Just because you are running up against the clock when it comes to your Valentine’s Day plans doesn’t mean you need to settle for something mediocre. There are a lot of great last-minute date ideas that are sure to dazzle your partner. After all, you don’t want to pick the most romantic day of the year to get into an argument. Fredericksburg can be just as romantic as Paris, France if you make the right plans. Here are some last-minute ideas that are sure to keep love in the air.

Book a Room at a Fancy Hotel

Luxury hotel restaurant interior on day time at San Francisco

A fancy hotel can make you and your partner feel like you are living a life of luxury. With all of the potential comforts you can find in a nice hotel, it can provide a very romantic atmosphere. Depending on your partner, you can partake in some of the luxuries the hotel has to offer. You could also stay in and relax. Either way, a change of scenery is sure to put some excitement into your Valentine’s Day.

Experience Dinner, Dancing, and Music with Your Love

Even if you are booking arrangements at the last minute, there are still plenty of wonderful dining/dancing/music packages you can find at local restaurants in the Fredericksburg area.
The Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel & Conference Center, Riddick Entertainment and Events, Amy’s Café, and Castle Glen Estates Winery have all had events for Valentine’s Day.
Not only can you make some intriguing last-minute plans with your significant other, but you can also find excellent value.

Enjoy a Limo Ride Around the Fredericksburg Area

Attractive young couple in the back of a limo for their valentine date

Imagine your significant other’s surprise when they are greeted with a limousine ride! A limousine ride around the Fredericksburg area may be the date idea you need. You and your partner can enjoy all of the sights from a comfy, high-end vehicle.
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you and your partner may not get enough quiet time together. The solitude of a limo ride gives you the chance to enjoy the alone time with your partner that you desire.

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Fredericksburg Limousine has a variety of packages available that can make your Valentine’s Day very special. We have professional drivers, and the limousines in our fleet can provide you with the sophistication and luxury you want on such a romantic occasion. Contact us today at 540-899-6150 to hear about everything we have to offer you.