When your new future companion finally asks the big question, everything is rosy and perfect. But then now your friends and relatives are badgering you with questions about the wedding date and details. As the engagement hype dies down, the pot of wedding panning slowly starts to bubble.
Planning a wedding often needs you to be at your A-game with decision-making and organizational skills put to the test. Worry not; however, below is the ultimate guide to planning a memorable wedding day.

Set Out a Planning Timeline and Priority List

As you start on wedding planning, the wedding date should be the last detail on your mind. However, it is important to set a timetable or timeline for some of the main wedding planning progress points or decisions. Such progress points could be getting your wedding clothes or searching for a wedding venue.

To set a timeline in place, you can first decide what season would be best for the wedding, how long you would be able to have the perfect wedding, or times you’d like to avoid. After the timeline, create a list with your loved one about the most precious wedding aspects for both of you. The list should shape the theme of the wedding or highlight the best parts as you imagine your wedding day.

Finding a Venue

Grey chairs stand around dinner table number 8 in a wedding venue

Most people experience wedding planning troubles because they decide to pick the wrong or expensive venue or choose one late. The venue is crucial to your wedding as it affects the number of people you invite, your theme for the day, your budget, and so forth. Before picking a venue, visualize your wedding, and research several venue options that accommodate your wedding vision.

Put a Budget in Place

Once you find options for your venue, only choose the location after planning your budget. Planning your budget can be the most off-putting bit about wedding panning but is crucial.

Given the importance of your venue, accommodating it first on your budget is recommended. Other activities and purchases such as wedding clothes, after parties, or vendors can be incorporated into the budget range post-venue deductions. Both families best do the budget planning process to have a maximum contribution to the wedding.

Hiring a Planner and Wedding Vendors

Your wedding needs the input of other people for it to come true. Perhaps both you and your future spouse are busy with jobs and other activities but still need to plan a wedding. In that case, hiring a wedding planner or coordinator may be the best course of action.

For couples, more hands-on planning, then hiring wedding vendors will be necessary. Some of these vendors could include a music band, photographers, caterers, and transport services.

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